Chris Coleman hopes his Team to become Best in World

Wales manager Chris Coleman says that he believes that this current team can become the best in the national team’s history.

Regarded as one of the minnows in world football, Wales have not qualified for a major tournament like the World Cup since 1958. A side that once boasted the likes of George Best could have gone on to dominate world football. However, it was not the case. Even though the latest generation of players like Craig Bellamy and Ryan Giggs continued to provide a lot of quality to the national team, it has not been enough.

The current generation of players like Aaron Ramsey, Gareth Bale, and a few others appear to be promising. The team has been performing exceptionally well in the Euro 2016 qualifying group.

Despite being put in a difficult group containing Belgium, Wales have been able to keep pace with the favourites. They have taken 11 points from the opening five matches.

Along with Belgium, Wales are the only team not to have suffered a defeat in the qualifying group so far, leading to shortened odds on GoWild.

Coleman admits that this group will definitely be called as the Golden generation, but they need to achieve something in order to live up to this.

"We nearly did it in 1994 and 2004 and now we have the opportunity to go a step further.People say it's a golden generation but we need to earn it. We're doing it but we've not done it yet.We want the chance to prove since 1958 this team is as good as anything that's gone before.You've got to be really unlucky if you get to 20 and you don't get in the top two.We've done some good work and we're on the right road but there's some distance left," said Coleman after the win over Israel.