Tottenham recently reversed a run of four straight matches

Tottenham recently reversed a run of four straight matches without a victory by claiming the spectacular 5-1 thrashing of newly promoted Bournemouth in the previous league outing.

However, they have to work extremely hard in order to maintain such high standards according to manager Mauricio Pochettino. The team are up against Aston Villa on Monday night. A victory is essential for Spurs if they are to keep their heads above the likes of Liverpool. Only a few weeks ago, the possibility of finishing in a top four spot looked extremely promising. The failure to win the last four games, though, has taken its toll in terms of confidence.

Still, Pochettino will be hoping that the win over Bournemouth acts as an impetus for the team. The return of form for striker Harry Kane will also be a crucial factor in the difference between converting draws into victories. The England national has struggled for goals in the early part of the campaign, but he came to form at just the right stage with a hat-trick against Bournemouth. After struggling for form at White Hart Lane earlier in the campaign, Tottenham have had extremely positive results at home. Liverpool and City have already dropped points at this ground.

"It's true that we are very difficult for the opponent.Our mentality and the way we take every game, we show that we are very difficult team for the opponent. We need to carry on in the same way. We need to improve.In football you can always improve. We are very happy in the way the first 10 games in the Premier League have gone. But we can do better. This is our challenge. Last season it was difficult for us to get the good and positive results from the beginning," said Pochettino.