Chris Coleman claimed that the Euro 2016 should take place as Scheduled

Chris Coleman claimed that the Euro 2016 should take place as planned even after the latest terrorist attacks in Brussels.

The Belgian capital witnessed attacks from terrorists and it resulted in more than 30 people losing their lives. Several more are injured and the nation has declared a three-day mourning. Coleman says that one of the primary objectives of the terrorists appears to be the upcoming Euro 2016. The tournament will be hosted in France, but Belgium is also expected to get a lot of visitors. As one of the underdogs to win the tournament itself, there is a lot of expectations surrounding Belgium.

Coleman says that cancelling the Euro 2016 at this time will mean victory for the attackers. He says that such an eventuality should not happen and that the tournament should go on. Coleman has received a lot of praise for the way he has secured a place for Wales in this tournament. After underachieving for several years, Wales have qualified for the Euro 2016 in style. Buoyed by the presence of young stars like Aaron Ramsey and Gareth Bale, the nation can expect to be an important name in European football over the next five years.

The tournament starts on June 10 in France. "It's what everybody wants. It's what the people want and we should make sure that happens. I think these people would have us stay in our houses, locked up 24 hours a day if we let them have their way. That shouldn't happen. If somebody's hell bent on walking into a crowded area and they want to blow themselves up or whatever, there's only so much security can do. There's always going to be a doubt in everybody's mind. You're hoping and praying that everything's going to be OK,” said the Wales manager.