Aaron Ramsey has recently moved from Juventus to Rangers with the players not featuring during many games in the Italian league due to many players being playing in the same position as him.

When he left Arsenal he was held in high esteem, with his performances for both the Gunners and the Wales national side helping to give him a reputation as a box-running central midfielder, so it was a surprise when his best option for a return to the UK was with Scotland's Glasgow Rangers.

Many football fans place transfer bets on to where Ramsey would move to and no one expected him to move to Rangers just like gamblers playing on USA casinos for UK players it is pot luck with transfer bets with there being many football sites that are offering different transfer rumours so no one is certain who will end up playing where.

Why Rangers?

There were other clubs rumoured to be interested in his signature but due to his high wages, not many clubs could afford to pay his wages or wanted to pay such a high wage. The rangers have taken a chance in signing Ramsey, but if he can find the form that he used to have he will prove to be a great addition to any squad with him used to being a world-class player with many world-class clubs after his signature.

Many say that he only moved to Juventus with them offering him a massive wage bill which may or may not be true, but it turned out to be a bad move for Ramsey with him not featuring during many matches and often being used as a substitute or sometimes not even making the matchday squad. With the world cup and the Euros not being that far off he wanted to leave to make sure he was getting game time to be picked for international duty which is every player’s dream of playing for their country. Hopefully, at Rangers, he can get his career back on track and prove he made the right decision in choosing the club over others.

What happened at Arsenal?
The two could not come to an agreement on wages with Ramsey asking for a large bumper new contract that Arsenal did not want to pay which led to him leaving and moving to Juventus on a free transfer with the Italian side offering him a huge wage bill of around 500k a week.

With the above being said you will be able to understand Ramsey’s career over the past few years a bit better and see what he plans to do with the road to the next world cup and the euros that are not far off now.