There is a question mark on if Cardiff City and Swansea City would resume training on time for the restart of the English football Championship. The British Government has joined other European countries like Hungary and Germany to allow the resumption of the earlier suspended season in light of the pandemic.

Since mid-March, the football season had to be put on hold as the novel Corona virus became widespread. With the intention being to resume the season rather than scrap it like the Ligue 1 and others, the English FA is expected to announce modalities on how the leagues would resume so the 2019/20 season can be concluded.
Sporting and cultural events are expected to be played behind closed doors to limit “large-scale social contact.” The events are expected to be broadcast so the fans can enjoy from the comfort and safety of their homes. The FA is expected to advise clubs on when to resume training ahead of the resumption of the season.

However, with the government of Wales yet to offer guidance on sporting events, there are questions marks on the extent this will affect the preparation of Cardiff and Swansea. Both Welsh teams have reportedly sought for clarification from the government, hoping they get favourable response. Both sides with meet with the EFL to get more clarity on Wednesday, as per reports in Wales.

Players and coaching staff are expected to be tested regularly and practice the highest level of hygiene whilst training and preparing for the rest of the season. They are expected to social distance from their families as the games are played in neutral venues to avoid the risk of fans gathering outside stadiums. Players who are abroad who need to be quarantined for 14 days upon return after getting permission for air travel. Players may decide to opt out for sake of anxiety or health reasons which might prove tricky for clubs yet paying them wages.

In the coming weeks, more guidance is expected from the governments, EFL, Premier League so the clubs can fully prepare for the resumption of the season.