Chris Coleman says nobody in the ranks of Wales can be content with just getting to Euro finals as thinking like that would be a failure.

As per Coleman, it has to be ensured that hard work is done particularly at the lower levels so that another lot of talent is unearthed which is capable of taking the team into many such tournaments in future.

This opportunity of appearing in a big event has come for Wales after 5 decades and Coleman doesn’t want the team to take as long as that to make it to another event. He wants consistency now.

Speaking yesterday, Coleman, one of the many former Welsh internationals who couldn’t have any bit of tournament Football under their belt while they were playing, said, “This qualification shouldn’t be like the previous one where we would have to wait for half a century again to play another tournament.”

“Feeling satisfied with just going to France would not help us. We will have to desire for more and try and get ourselves competing at the top level quite often.”

“I would like to believe this is the opening of the door and there would be regular qualifications going forward. Hopefully this is about skill levels improving rather than just getting lucky at Gala Bingo

For the future development and graduation of Wales, Coleman’s association with the Dragons is important, but, he has not yet committed himself for that.

A credible English Newspaper has reported through its sources that it is not a case of Coleman not wanting to commit himself, but, the whole thing is unsorted because of the Wages with the boss willing for a far bigger increment than the one he is being proposed to be given at the moment.

Coleman presently makes just a little over 21 thousand Euros a month.