Llanelli AFC's future looks set to be secured after the management has said that they have paid the outstanding debts of the club. The future of the Welsh club has been a major doubt due to the huge amount of outstanding debt in the form of unpaid taxes. It was proving to be a major burden for the club, as there was also a danger of liquidation as a result of this huge debt. However, the management has now confirmed that the future of the club has now been secured following the payment of the outstanding debt.

A figure close to almost £ 6000 was owed by the club to the Council. If Llanelli AFC did not pay its taxes, then it was almost certainly possible that the club would have been liquidated. However, the case did not even enter into the Royal Court of Justice after the Management revealed that the payments have been made. The Mayor Winston Lemon said a few days ago that it would be a major disaster for the town if Llanelli AFC were to be liquidated. Llanelli AFC supporter Keith Thomas previously suggested that the council should come forward and offer a helping hand for the club.

“They are a premier division club bringing European football to the town. They definitely need more support — it’s financially difficult to run a football team of any kind, and people need to rally behind them,” said the Llanelli Mayor Winston Lemon. “Llanelli AFC can confirm that the outstanding money owed to HMRC was paid this afternoon and the subsequent winding order will not be actioned. The club will now look forward to the rest of the season,” said a statement on the official website of the club revealing the payments made to the unpaid taxes.