Austria’s coach, Marcel Koller said it was luck and good fortune for Wales to escape through Belgium in their 3-1 victory during the quarter finals of theEuro 2016.

Chris Coleman's men managed to find their ways to the last four in France before missing out on a place in the final. This was due to the 2-0 defeat handed them by the reigning champions, Portugal in Lyon, France.

Koller, whose men were run down at the group stage without recording a victory in Euro 2016, will be facing Wales in a World Cup qualifier on Thursday 6th. Koller largely believes that there was an iota of luck to the country's remarkable run in their first major tournament since 1958.

He also revealed that Gareth Bale would be their main subject and would be given special attention in Vienna. "We saw during the Euros that he can win games on his own," he added.

He also made it known that they will not have just one player giving him the closest marking, but at least two or three players in close vicinity and vigilant watch to disturb him and mark him down as soon as possible.

Wales and Austria kicked off their campaigns with victories over Moldova and Georgia respectively as Koller's men defeated Fladimir Weiss' men in a 2-1 victory while Wales trashed Moldova 4-0 in September.

Thursday’s UEFA World Cup qualifier match between Austria and Wales will be tougher than expected as Koller's men are fully aware of what Wales are capable of doing, and are well prepared not to allow what Wales did to them in their last encounter with themin February 2013 friendly match where Wales won 2-1to repeat itself

While making known his preparations for Thursday's match, the Austria’s boss man said, "We will not rearrange everything. Sometimes you need to be lucky as well. That is what we could see at Euro 2016; Wales were lucky then."