Llanelli AFC has been reformed as Llanelli Town after they went bust only recently. The new beginnings has also seen the arrival of a new chairman in the form of David Craddock.

He is a local businessman and has been a supporter of Llanelli for several years now. He has said that it is now his responsibility to get the club back where they belong in the Welsh Premier league. Craddock has said that this will be a great opportunity for him to make the club successful once again, while also being financially stable unlike in the past.

He has paid tribute to the work done by former chairman Nitin Parekh. According to him, Nitin Parekh did a lot of good work but he was eventually unable to sustain it for a long term. As a result of starting new, the club has a long way to go before they play in the Welsh Premier league. They even have to assemble everything from the scratch. Manager Bob Jeffrey has a huge task on his hands because he not only has to assemble the staff, but he also has to assemble the squad from the scratch as well.
Despite this, he is confident that the club will be able to play in the Premier league sooner rather than later.

"We've got to close the last chapter and get the club back in the Welsh League. I was aware of the difficulties Llanelli faced last season, and this is now an opportunity for us to improve the club. I'm a strong supporter of anything to do with Llanelli, and I thought it was time for someone local to step in. I didn't know the last chairman (Nitin Parekh) very well. He did a lot of good work but couldn't sustain it. Now we have the chance to start afresh," said Craddock.