Wales should improve

Chris Coleman believes that the Wales national team should continue to progress if they want to challenge the best teams in world football.

He admitted that the team had made considerable progress during the past years, but it is important that they continue to develop.

He believes that most of the good results have been the results of the good form of Gareth Bale and Aaron Ramsey, but he wants the team to play more as a team. He said that you cannot rely on one or two players to win games and it is important that the team develop their own playing style.

Chris Coleman said that he would be using the next games to test a new system for Wales and hope that the players will get used to it quickly. He believes that the team should learn to play together so as to be able to get results against the better sides.

Chris Coleman conceded that both Aaron Ramsey and Gareth Bale are important players for the team, but this does not mean that the other players are inferior. They need to raise their level and play to the best of their abilities.

Coleman said that it had been a wonderful achievement for Wales to participate at the Euros but they need now to work hard in order to qualify for the next World Cup. He believes that the team has the necessary potential, but they have to give everything they got in the remaining matches of the qualifiers.

He believes that the players are motivated and that they are determined to win their remaining games. He said that the Wales Football Association would be providing the team with everything they need in order to prepare themselves for the upcoming games and hope that the players will make full use of the facilities.