Who will Arsenal replace Ramsey with?

The end of the season is fast approaching and regardless of the season coming to a close there is more hype around arsenal than in the beginning of the season, courtesy to rumours swirling round team players.

Ever since it was announced that Aaron Ramsey was departing, it was a fair prediction the player would need to be replaced. However, there have been more than one player linked to incoming transfers.

Currently rumours are circulating regarding Unai Emery wanting to sign a certain ex-Chelsea winger to replace the notorious Denis Suarez but the rumours don’t stop there. Here are some of the big names to have been rumoured to be linked to Arsenal and may even just change the game of online betting on the biggest leagues we know.

Dwight McNeil
After the youth proved his worth in a magnificent season in the Premier League, his worth as a value has increased and it would appear McNeil is attracting the attention of Arsenal, Manchester and Liverpool.

If Arsenal were to but the talented player, we would have no idea as to how much he would be sold for and according to Dyche, Mcneil has strong qualities which includes possession and willingness to affect a game, something which attracts the eye of football managers.

Kalidou Koulibaly
It should come as no surprise that Kalidou has been discussed amongst Arsenal bosses for some time now. But according to the player himself, for this season he is happy where he currently is, the league that moulded and formed him.

Manager Carlo Ancelotti hasn’t been cheap with valuing his star player. The manager reportedly labelled Koulibaly as the best centre-back in the world and said that he is not for sale. Currently the centre-back is worth an estimated €150 million.

Benito Raman

The young Belgian forward has made international headlines and has Arsenal and Everton at each other’s heels in a war for the famed player.

Currently the player is worth £13 million. He was only signed for one million and the team may consider selling him although that remains to be seen.

Kerem Demirbay
It has been rumoured the talented professional football player will be replacing Aaron Ramsey when he leaves in the summer. Demirbay’s estimated worth is sitting at£22 million and Arsenal have said that management will be able to meet the salary demands of the promising and rising star and central midfielder which may just be the turning point of a smooth transition.

With all the rumoured switches and sales taking place, it’s no wonder the media is abuzz with speculation. It would appear that football is turning into a game of chess and spectators are avidly awaiting the next move. As soon as the beginning of the next season begins, more light would have been shed on the moves about to take place, we can only hope this puts Arsenal at an advantage causing the industry to face a check mate.