World Cup 2022 to be held in Qatar

The world of football is talking about the upcoming 2022 World Cup which is going to be held in Qatar and it has turned into one of the major topics of discussion of football ever since Qatar was selected as the host and now it has been revealed that major changes will have to be done with the schedule of clubs from all around the world in order for the players to have enough rest for the worldwide event to take place which has now been changed to November and December.

The original and traditional dates of a World Cup is in June and July but due to the summer heat that there will be in Qatar it is now expected to be changed as a way to avoid health problems with the players.

There are certain nations that might be just too difficult for them to even aim on winning an international competition at the scale of the World Cup but they are hoping to do well in other tournaments such as the 2016 Euro’s and the Welsh team remains undefeated after having played 4 matches in the group stages and still not suffered a single defeat.

Belgium were the last opponents that the Welsh side faced off with and had to settle with a final scoreboard of 0-0, according to Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale, this was a fantastic result.

"It's a fantastic result, coming to the team that is fourth in the world and getting any result is a fantastic performance from us. I think everybody did everything and worked for each other. We put expectation on ourselves more than anyone because we know we are capable of." Gareth Bale said.

The match between Belgium and Wales was played back in November 16 of 2014 and this was a big result for the Welsh side as they are one step closer on qualifying for their first major tournament since the World Cup of 1958. Wales is positioned in the 2nd spot of Group B with 8 points.